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How to Become a DevOps Engineer

How to Become a DevOps Engineer

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In this tutorial “How to Become a DevOps Engineer”. We will explain to you what is DevOps and detailed guidelines on how to become a DevOps Engineer.

What is DevOps

DevOps stands for Development and Operations. In recent years IT organization has adopted DevOps practice due to various reasons hence DevOps Engineer Role is really demanding. Almost every Developer and System wants to have certain experience in DevOps as the legacy way of managing development and Operations is almost done however up to some extent it will be always there I feel.

Roles you want to Opt

As explained above, DevOps has a Developer and an Operation Engineer so you can opt for either one, Developer works on the coding part most of the time however it is good to know a bit of operation, and the same applies to the Operation engineer & they should also know a bit of programming.

Operation Engineer: System admins usually opt for this path as they have a good understanding of OS & troubleshooting.

How to Become a DevOps Engineer

How to Become a DevOps Engineer

Skills Required to Become a DevOps Engineer.

You should have most of the skill set as mentioned below however it is not mandatory to have all but if you are good with all the below skills you will always have an edge.

Understanding of Linux & OS Concepts

You should have a basic understanding of how Linux Operating Systems work, Commonly used commands, Services in Linux, etc. We have a detailed tutorial on Linux, Please go through it here.

Version Control System

GIT, SVN or bitbucket. Version Control System is mainly used as a repository of codes and config so you can track each change and download the code anywhere anytime. You can read more on GIT and how to pull from git.

Infrastructure as Code

Terraform- is a Widely Used Infrastructure as code. This has been developed by HashiCoprp . Using Terraform you can provision your resources like Servers(EC2) , S3 Bucket, and any other cloud resources. Terraform can be used to provision resources of all cloud providers including AWS, GCP, OCI & Azure. You can provision resources by writing terraform code instead of provisioning through UI. Terraform does have a terraform state that tracks of each change and you can restore from the terraform state as well.

Understanding of CI/CD Pipelines

Jenkins – This is widely used. This is a popular CI/CD application, You can host Jenkins in your environment as well and this is also an open-source product. Using Jenkins you can configure multiple jobs which will automatically take certain actions based on input or conditions. One example is you want to trigger a build job automatically as soon as the developer pushes code in GIT repos, In this case Jenkins job can be configured to track GIT changes and then trigger a build like Maven etc.

Automation, Monitoring, and other Tools

Nagios or any other cloud monitoring tools. You can also use Log Explorer of GCP and Integrate with Monitoring tools.

Cloud Providers and Services

You can learn any Cloud however a widely used Cloud is AWS, We have a detailed tutorial on AWS Cloud, Please check it out here. You may also learn about any other cloud like Google, Azure, or Oracle Cloud (OCI).

Programming Knowledge

This is not a mandatory skill however If you want to be in DevOps Developer Engineer then you will need to know any programming language like Python, Ruby, Java etc. If you want to be an Operation engineer you should know at least one Scripting Language like Python, Shell

Networking & Security

This is not a mandatory skill however if you know it is good. You should at least know what is CIDR, subnet, routing, VPC, Firewall, ingress, egress etc.


We explained the common need for How to Become a DevOps Engineer, hope this tutorial “How to Become a DevOps Engineer ” helps you, If you have any queries, please let us know.


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